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What Is Type A Yoga

Reprinted from TypeAYoga.com, 2016. Type A Yoga® began in 2010 as a response to people who said, “I can’t do yoga.” Although yoga practices have since begun to speed up and become more “Type A,” (i.e., hurried, impatient, irritable, elitist, exclusive, competitive, and stressful), our name was a tongue-in-cheek play on the conflicts of our … Continue reading

“critical thinking and yoga: don’t imagine that yoga is for blockheads…

"I am saying this only because there are some contemporary followers of Yoga who like to think that it is possible to practice Yoga without engaging the mind and who are suspicious of anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and a questioning mind. This is a modern phenomenon, which does not deserve further refutation.


Wisdom, as the word suggests, is about true knowledge and not about dullness. It is for those with a lively intelligence and not—sorry—for those who think that reason is an obstacle on the yogic path."

– Georg Feuerstein, (27 May 1947 – 25 August 2012)

Critical Thinking and Yoga, published Friday, August 13, 2010