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What Is Type A Yoga

Reprinted from TypeAYoga.com, 2016. Type A Yoga® began in 2010 as a response to people who said, “I can’t do yoga.” Although yoga practices have since begun to speed up and become more “Type A,” (i.e., hurried, impatient, irritable, elitist, exclusive, competitive, and stressful), our name was a tongue-in-cheek play on the conflicts of our … Continue reading

Not Your Pharmacist, Not Your Drug Dealer

Dear Yoga Community: We are not drug dealers. We are not pharmacists. Although it is helpful to understand therapeutic yoga practices as separate from fitness & exercise trends, STOP TELLING PEOPLE THEY ARE BROKEN AND NEED YOU TO CURE THEM. We have PLENTY to do teaching yoga without perpetuating this idea that we are a … Continue reading

Holding the Center In Challenging Times

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media activism, and what we as individuals can do at these times of powerlessness and fear. I’ve been thinking about the ease with which online conversation turns ugly and hateful. I’ve been thinking about how I can “hold the center” for my students in an online environment, and what … Continue reading

A Namaste to Facilitators

In our society, we tend to focus on the achievements of the individual. We look at the politicians who won the elections, the sports figure who scored the winning points, or the lead singer who fronts the band. We ignore the teachers, role models, interns, volunteer phone banks and paid signature gatherers who helped that … Continue reading

What Meditation Feels Like

Imagine you are in a small clearing surrounded by three trees. These tall, massive, ancient trees have thick trunks with large, dark hollows and deep crevices. They are not imposing or intimidating to you, though, here in the center of the clearing, where you are on your back in a comfortable, soft patch of grass … Continue reading

Why I Teach the Way I Do: From Injury to Industry

The yoga “industry” is getting more and more athletic. A practice associated with gentle breathing in the seventies is now associated with acrobatics and contortion. Advertisements for workshops and pictures for yoga articles feature advanced poses, whether they have anything to do with the rest of the page. When people hear the word yoga now, … Continue reading

Why I teach the way I do: Verbal instruction, Mirrors, Demonstration, Spirituality

There are a multitude of voices and styles in the yoga community. Students who become accustomed to one style of teaching may find themselves caught off guard when they find a teacher who is drastically different than what they expect. Students who haven’t tried many teachers may even discover that things they associate with yoga … Continue reading

Some job news from some yoga bimbo…

[Updated 07/14/14: Somehow during one of my edits for typos, I lost a bunch of paragraph spaces. Should be fixed. Also, noting other mentions and blogs in intro paragraph. 06/10/15: some edits post-WordPress theme update.] Recently, I joined the world of social media. One day, a couple of weeks after starting a new Twitter account, … Continue reading

What you need to know before you buy your yoga mat

As I begin to train our new staff on our products, it occurs to me that newer yoga students sometimes struggle to make sense of the products now available. Over the last decade of yoga’s increasing popularity, many, many more mat products, materials, and characteristics have been released and it can be challenging to determine … Continue reading

Yoga to overcome attachment & aversion (raga & dvesha)

Reprinted from my Tumblr blog.In an earlier post, I mentioned how our perceptions can be colored, leading to false assumptions. In the yoga tradition, when these tinted, biased thoughts (klishta) form disturbances in our mind (vrtti), we bring about our own suffering. Part of the practice of yoga is training your mind to observe the causes … Continue reading

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