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Some job news from some yoga bimbo…

[Updated 07/14/14: Somehow during one of my edits for typos, I lost a bunch of paragraph spaces. Should be fixed. Also, noting other mentions and blogs in intro paragraph. 06/10/15: some edits post-WordPress theme update.] Recently, I joined the world of social media. One day, a couple of weeks after starting a new Twitter account, … Continue reading

Yoga to overcome attachment & aversion (raga & dvesha)

Reprinted from my Tumblr blog.In an earlier post, I mentioned how our perceptions can be colored, leading to false assumptions. In the yoga tradition, when these tinted, biased thoughts (klishta) form disturbances in our mind (vrtti), we bring about our own suffering. Part of the practice of yoga is training your mind to observe the causes … Continue reading

Burning Man & Yoga for Assumptions

Today I noticed Marcia Sirota’s article on assumptions in omtimes, and it brought back a poignant memory for me. Even as we attempt to follow the Yoga Sutra directive toward “right knowledge”, we sometimes overlook the schism between our inner world and the external and the roles external context and internal interpretation of observation play in our formulation … Continue reading

YogaNerdBeef Update: Levine’s new instructor

Originally posted October 1, 2013 on AskYogaNerd blog. The top headline on my Google News Yoga feed just now: Adam Levine’s Yoga Instructor blah blah blah. I suddenly noticed, however, that the URL listed a new name: Alanna Zabel. The article itself is fluff on a site called Hollywood Life. The deep secret to the yoga magic? … Continue reading

YogaNerd Beef: Lovingkindness and Adam Levine’s teacher

This post was originally published under the AskYogaNerd blog on Sep 23, 2013. Admittedly, the word “beef” seems inappropriate in a yoga column, not only in the sense of cow but also in the Urban Dictionary sense of the word: “to have a grudge or start one with another person.” Not only is this against the principle … Continue reading

On Change, Sympathetic Joy, and Working without a Net

Recently a very dear friend of mine announced she had finally been offered a job she’d been trying to get for more than two years. I was excited for this new chapter in her life, thankful that she was being rewarded for her determination, and proud of her for her achievement. I was also sad … Continue reading

Coping with change: Cultivation and chaos

Originally published Type A Yoga Blog, Jan 2014.   Lately a lot of people have been “checking in” with me. They’ve been worried about the stress of moving a business, the stress of the reasons behind the move, and all of the associated catastrophes that come with small business, let alone the holidays. This time … Continue reading

On Meditation and Metta…

Originally published on Type A Yoga blog, Oct 8, 2012. Recently I delivered a guided meditation at our 2nd annual Time for Yoga event celebrating Yoga Month. I have always struggled with meditation myself, so I wanted to do something that held the principles I wanted to share but features phrases or ideas that have resonated with … Continue reading

A Time For Yoga 2012 Meditation

This was originally posted on Type A Yoga’s blog Oct. 2012. The following is a copy of our meditation from our 2012 Time for Yoga community event. For more information on the sources of text, check out my post, “On Meditation and Metta.” Passage from Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana There is a difference between being … Continue reading

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