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What Meditation Feels Like

Imagine you are in a small clearing surrounded by three trees. These tall, massive, ancient trees have thick trunks with large, dark hollows and deep crevices. They are not imposing or intimidating to you, though, here in the center of the clearing, where you are on your back in a comfortable, soft patch of grass … Continue reading

Why I Teach the Way I Do: From Injury to Industry

The yoga “industry” is getting more and more athletic. A practice associated with gentle breathing in the seventies is now associated with acrobatics and contortion. Advertisements for workshops and pictures for yoga articles feature advanced poses, whether they have anything to do with the rest of the page. When people hear the word yoga now, … Continue reading

Yoga to overcome attachment & aversion (raga & dvesha)

Reprinted from my Tumblr blog.In an earlier post, I mentioned how our perceptions can be colored, leading to false assumptions. In the yoga tradition, when these tinted, biased thoughts (klishta) form disturbances in our mind (vrtti), we bring about our own suffering. Part of the practice of yoga is training your mind to observe the causes … Continue reading

Yoga, Weight Loss & Representation: The Real Story

Recently I ran across dubiousdrishti‘s article on yoga and weight loss as a feminist issue, and it caused me to reflect on my own anti-plus-sized yoga stance. In the article, DD addresses that yoga is not really a weight-loss technique, but that our hyper-beautified culture and capitalistic branding have resulted in an inauthentic marketing of the practice. I couldn’t … Continue reading

On Change, Sympathetic Joy, and Working without a Net

Recently a very dear friend of mine announced she had finally been offered a job she’d been trying to get for more than two years. I was excited for this new chapter in her life, thankful that she was being rewarded for her determination, and proud of her for her achievement. I was also sad … Continue reading

Overwhelmed? Call in sick to your life…

Originally published Type A Yoga Blog, October 26, 2012 You know how the more stuff you have to do, the more likely you are to get sick? We know it is because we tend to get more stressed, take care of ourselves less, and have more strain on our systems, but we feel as though … Continue reading

Forget New Years: Try Seasonal Resolutions

Originally published on Type A Yoga blog in October 2012 As we start transitioning into Fall, I feel like I am on a roller coaster click-clack-clicking its way up the lift hill. In another week or two I’ll begin the inevitable fast-paced descent, this curve is Halloween, then a few quick bumps and small hills into … Continue reading

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