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What you need to know before you buy your yoga mat

As I begin to train our new staff on our products, it occurs to me that newer yoga students sometimes struggle to make sense of the products now available. Over the last decade of yoga’s increasing popularity, many, many more mat products, materials, and characteristics have been released and it can be challenging to determine … Continue reading

Yoga to overcome attachment & aversion (raga & dvesha)

Reprinted from my Tumblr blog.In an earlier post, I mentioned how our perceptions can be colored, leading to false assumptions. In the yoga tradition, when these tinted, biased thoughts (klishta) form disturbances in our mind (vrtti), we bring about our own suffering. Part of the practice of yoga is training your mind to observe the causes … Continue reading

Why I don’t believe in plus-sized yoga (Part 2: A matter of perspective)

This post and Part 1 were originally published on my Patch.com blog in 2013. A follow up post on weight loss and representation in yoga is available here. I remember the last day of yoga teacher training when a svelte former gymnast taught a modification for a pose that required us to lay back on … Continue reading

Why I don’t believe in plus-sized yoga (Part 1: Just a modification)

Previously printed on Martinez.Patch.com, September 05, 2013 Recently a colleague asked why I haven’t blogged about plus-sized yoga before, particularly given recent media attention in the topic. I realized it is because I don’t believe in “plus-sized yoga.” As a yogi who has hovered above and below 200 pounds for much of my decade-long practice, there has only been Yoga. … Continue reading

Why You Aren’t Doing Yoga (and Why You Should)

This blog was originally posted to my local Patch.com January 14, 2013. I realize this headline is a bit presumptuous… I don’t even know you and now I’m jumping to conclusions about your health habits and speculating as to your state of mind! A bit rude, really. However, given that this is a blog and … Continue reading

Welcome Back: Getting Back on the Mat

The following entry was originally posted to my local Patch.com blog on January 14, 2013. Our studio staff were recently discussing our new Welcome Back Yoga class, designed to help ease our experienced students back into a regular class after a long absence, and we started talking about our personal experiences with lapses in practice. As … Continue reading

How the yoga industry sabotages home yoga practices…

After getting links to YogaDork articles on the importance of home practice and the business of yoga shortly before getting a link to this pictorial essay on at-home yoga spaces, I reflected on what the yoga “industry” is doing to undermine home practices. As we build our brands and our images of what a retreat or self-care “ought” to look … Continue reading

Burning Man & Yoga for Assumptions

Today I noticed Marcia Sirota’s article on assumptions in omtimes, and it brought back a poignant memory for me. Even as we attempt to follow the Yoga Sutra directive toward “right knowledge”, we sometimes overlook the schism between our inner world and the external and the roles external context and internal interpretation of observation play in our formulation … Continue reading

Yoga, Weight Loss & Representation: The Real Story

Recently I ran across dubiousdrishti‘s article on yoga and weight loss as a feminist issue, and it caused me to reflect on my own anti-plus-sized yoga stance. In the article, DD addresses that yoga is not really a weight-loss technique, but that our hyper-beautified culture and capitalistic branding have resulted in an inauthentic marketing of the practice. I couldn’t … Continue reading

In Defense of Warrior I: Are you hip or are you square?

Originally posted to AskYogaNerd blog on Sep. 25, 2013 http://www.yogajournal.com/basics/2357 Warrior I has been getting a bad rap lately. I suppose my defense of Warrior I began when several colleagues mentioned that was their least favorite beginner pose. (Mine was triangle.) I could not for the life of me understand why anyone wouldn’t love Warrior I … Continue reading

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