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Some job news from some yoga bimbo…

[Updated 07/14/14: Somehow during one of my edits for typos, I lost a bunch of paragraph spaces. Should be fixed. Also, noting other mentions and blogs in intro paragraph. 06/10/15: some edits post-WordPress theme update.] Recently, I joined the world of social media. One day, a couple of weeks after starting a new Twitter account, … Continue reading

Yoga to overcome attachment & aversion (raga & dvesha)

Reprinted from my Tumblr blog.In an earlier post, I mentioned how our perceptions can be colored, leading to false assumptions. In the yoga tradition, when these tinted, biased thoughts (klishta) form disturbances in our mind (vrtti), we bring about our own suffering. Part of the practice of yoga is training your mind to observe the causes … Continue reading

Yoga, Weight Loss & Representation: The Real Story

Recently I ran across dubiousdrishti‘s article on yoga and weight loss as a feminist issue, and it caused me to reflect on my own anti-plus-sized yoga stance. In the article, DD addresses that yoga is not really a weight-loss technique, but that our hyper-beautified culture and capitalistic branding have resulted in an inauthentic marketing of the practice. I couldn’t … Continue reading

In Defense of Warrior I: Are you hip or are you square?

Originally posted to AskYogaNerd blog on Sep. 25, 2013 http://www.yogajournal.com/basics/2357 Warrior I has been getting a bad rap lately. I suppose my defense of Warrior I began when several colleagues mentioned that was their least favorite beginner pose. (Mine was triangle.) I could not for the life of me understand why anyone wouldn’t love Warrior I … Continue reading

Shoulder load jumping back to Chaturanga: Prescriptions that Ail Ya

Originally posted Sep 23, 2013 on AskYogaNerd blog… Recently fellow Yoga Nerd, Adrienne, and I were talking about jumping back to plank in a modified sun salutation and she mentioned that instructors at a nearby yoga business say you should always step back to plank and only jump back to chaturanga dandasana. As I teach … Continue reading

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